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AshleeArtis started from an idea to customize rings with names on it. My brother works for a jeweler and I often get small pieces from him that he designs. On my 24th birthday, he asked me to design one piece for myself and said he would make it for me. I was so happy, and even though I love his pieces, I always wanted to design one for myself. I decided to make a ring with the name Ashlee on it, and the design turned out so beautifully that I got so many compliments, not only from my friends, but from the coworkers of my brother. So many people want to have one like mine. With the support of my brother, I opened AshleeArtis. It has been a year now since the shop opened.Most of my jewelry contains words, names, and short quotes. The idea of everybody wearing a message that has some intrinsic meaning to them makes me so satisfied and passionate about the work I do. The more I work in this industry, the more feedback I get from my customers about their story and why the word inscribed in the jewelry means so much to them. I cannot describe how proud I am of my work knowing how it affects people all over the world who shop at my boutique.

For only $30 – $40, you can own a classy piece from us. The main objective is not profit, but rather my passion for jewelry. I want everybody to have their own pieces, with their name, their loved ones name, or a meaningful word or phase.

You can find us at:
Email: ashleebijoux@gmail.com

Website: http://ashleeartis.com
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ashleejewelry
Instagram: https://instagram.com/ashleeartis


Satisfaction guaranteed! We always want to make sure you are happy with your purchases.. So any question, any concern is welcome..

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Ashlee Artis

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